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We shape com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on to tell 
authen­tic sto­ries that touch and inspire.

You don’t like fake com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on and posing. And neither does anyo­ne else. Let’s tell authen­tic sto­ries ins­tead – and crea­te real identification.

iPhone ragt aus Hosentasche heraus. Auf dem Display ist eine Insta Story für MOCHITI zu sehen.
Schwarzes Capmo Notizbuch mit der Aufschrift "Ready to make a difference?" lehnt an weißer Wand
Mr. Camouflage Insta Posts auf dunklem Hintergrund
Schwarzer Mr. Camouflage Jutebeutel auf orangenem Stuhl

We tell strong, authen­tic and exci­ting sto­ries. Visu­al, ver­bal and straight to the point.

What & Why

Your brand never stands alo­ne. It inter­acts and com­mu­ni­ca­tes with its audi­ence and mar­ket just like we do with other peo­p­le. That is how your brand’s cha­rac­ter gets ali­ve. We shape words, mes­sa­ges and images hand in hand with the brand’s iden­ti­ty and visu­al appearance to crea­te authen­tic com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on and inspi­ring stories.

Data, facts and figu­res are essen­ti­al but don’t wake emo­ti­ons. Through sto­rytel­ling and com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, a brand gets effec­ti­ve and visi­ble, initia­tes pro­ces­ses and inter­ac­tion and shapes clo­sen­ess and trust. We shape impres­si­ve visu­al and tex­tu­al state­ments giving your brand a com­pel­ling face and strong voice for real mes­sa­ges and authen­tic sto­ries that crea­te deep and las­ting connections.

Our solu­ti­ons


Let’s make some­thing gre­at together.

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Jules & Mel

All eyes on me, becau­se we keep all eyes on you 

Mr. Camou­fla­ge

No tas­te is bullshit

We defi­ne values, crea­te the iden­ti­ty and make visi­ons visi­ble and sen­si­ble. For brands, com­pa­nies, initia­ti­ves and people.
We crea­te expe­ri­en­ces that inspi­re and sur­pri­se. Across all chan­nels and media – in digi­tal or space and printed.